Prism Releases Video Case Study with Store of the Future

Netherlands-based retail innovation lab implements Prism to better understand customer engagement
SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2016

Today Prism, which turns in-store cameras into cloud-connected sensors to better understand customer engagement, shared a new video case study that features Prism’s deployment in the Store of the Future, an interactive retail innovation lab located in the Netherlands.

“Prism is the sole analytics solution deployed by the Store of the Future,” said Frank Quix, Managing Director. “We see tremendous value in understanding how customers move around our store, and from this data, making changes to deliver a better experience.”

With over 65 technology partners contributing to the Store of the Future, Prism is the only solution that provides analytics and insight into customer behavior through store cameras. Using Prism, Quix and staff are able to examine and analyze customer movement throughout the store, and make changes to merchandise and layout in order to promote stronger engagement.

“The Store of the Future has been an incredibly rewarding partnership,” said Cliff Crosbie, SVP of Global Retail at Prism. “Even though all of the technologies being used in this project already exist, this is the first time where so many of them are being used in one space to really give the world a glimpse into the future of retail.”

Prism was approached by Store of the Future during the concept storefront’s launch and will remain deployed throughout the project’s duration. The Store of the Future aims to prepare brands for the next era of omnichannel commerce by integrating cutting-edge technologies impacting the retail space into an immersive experience that spans both a brick-and-mortar location and an online platform.