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Ignite Prism Vision Knowledge Base

Toolbox Group

The Toolbox Group is a pioneer on customer marketing projects in Brazil and Latin America.

They are experts in generating incremental revenue through Customer Driven Growth Marketing. Since 2005 they have been developing methods, action plans and analytical tools that help design and prioritize efforts and investments on the four key-moments of interaction between businesses and customers: Business Purpose, Experience Journey, Product and Brand Positioning and Sales Performance.

They’ve helped businesses to drive growth across many industries – from FMCG and Pharma to Banking and Fashion. They have worked with companies like Mondelez, Heineken, C&A, Hershey’s, Jacob Douwe Egberts, Santander and DIA.


Interface Security Systems

Exclusive Managed Service Provider in the United States

Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ignite Prism. As part of this partnership, Interface will have exclusive licensing rights to Ignite Prism’s video analytics technology in North America.

Video analytics solution provides powerful business insights

Consumer facing organizations recognize the need for customer analytics solutions to help enhance the customer experience and optimize location performance. Predictive and prescriptive insights will drive performance and customer engagement.

Designed for Distributed Enterprises

Interface’s video analytics solution is designed to address the needs of distributed enterprises that already have a camera network in place and may have locations where bandwidth availability is a challenge.


Technology Partners

Our open platform combines the latest advancements in data analytics with powerful cameras and visual sensors.
If you’re a technology provider or developer that’s interested in changing how the world gets value from video, we’re always looking to collaborate.

Language agnostic:
C++, Python, Ruby — code in whatever language you’re most comfortable with

Standard RESTful API that accepts JSON data

Device agnostic:
limitless opportunities to integrate Ignite Prism with cutting-edge hardware

Solutions Partners

Add Ignite Prism to your offering and give customers access to the most advanced visual intelligence platform to transform their business.
Deploying Ignite Prism is seamless — with packages structured to generate long-term revenue for our partners.

Bring cutting-edge technology to your customers

Simple installation and reduced maintenance costs

Generate recurring revenue for your business

Ignite Prism Connect Program

Ignite Prism Connect is a program that provides camera manufacturers with the resources to embed Ignite Prism directly onto their devices. The program adds a suite of analytics and computer vision capabilities to a diverse spectrum of connected devices, ranging from simple IP cameras to more complex thermal, RF, and 3D sensors.
Join our growing list of Ignite Prism Connect partners and make your hardware smarter with the latest analytics and computer vision technology.
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  • “Prism’s approach to business insights and use of imagery for merchandising, store design, and other retail use cases helps Axis further position itself for a growing set of retail users.”

    Johan Åkesson
    Global Director of Business Development

  • “This collaboration marks the future of information services — hosted on the edge, interconnected by the cloud, and viewed from mobile devices.”

    Ian Johnston
    VP, Engineering

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