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About the company

Ignite Prism’s mission is as challenging as it is exciting. We’re redefining how physical space is experienced online. We extract data from existing video infrastructure as well as opt-in behavior data via mobile applications through geo-fences and Bluetooth beacons to enable brick-and-mortar businesses to be successful in an increasingly digital world. Our diverse team all share a deep commitment to exploring creative ways to collect, analyze and visualize one of the most interesting sources of information on the planet. Visit igniteprism.com for more information.

About the project

At Ignite Prism we are looking for business, creative and engineering minds who are passionate about their work skills. We’re entrepreneurs and innovators. We’re small and wear many hats. We specialize in Business Intelligence (“BI”) for retailers, restaurants and large venues. Our customers are industry leaders in computers, gadgets, apparel and jewelry. We’re headquartered in San Francisco with a satellite office in San Diego and we’ve created a fun, flexible work environment. Ignite Prism employees get competitive salaries and get to work on the sales and development of cutting edge business intelligence and mobile customer engagement tools.

Our platform extracts a variety of data points from cameras to make it available in the cloud as actionable BI dashboards. Ignite Prism provides in-depth analytics to measure visitor count and visit duration along with beautiful visual paths and heat maps. In addition we are expanding our solution for enhanced location-based and behavioral analytics via our mobile app focused customer engagement tool, which includes mobile offers, video content and surveys.

We are looking for brilliant developers to join our team of talented engineers and business professionals who are exploring innovative ways to derive even more value out of networked video cameras. Help to design and build revolutionary new products that leverage the latest breakthroughs in computer vision. Help extend our platform by employing state of the art computer vision algorithms and machine learning to derive useful information across multiple camera deployments visualized by beautiful reports, diagrams, path maps and heat maps. Help solve our cloud scaling challenges by going beyond cloud providers’ standard capabilities.


We are looking for a C++ Senior Camera Software Engineer to develop an application running on network-connected cameras. The application processes the input frames from a camera, with object detection, tracking, counting and video recording management and further sends derived data to the Ignite Prism analytics cloud.

  • Design, implement and support applications running on IP network cameras from different vendors: Axis, FLIR, Hikvision and others
  • Review code and software design
  • Develop and optimize image and video processing algorithms, so they can run in resource-constrained environment
  • Extend our build system to support new camera models and vendors
  • Provide post-production support
  • Write design, deployment and test documentation, build instructions and release notes


  • 3+ years of experience with production C++ SW development. Knowledge of STL and Boost.Multithreading. CMake
  • BS or higher degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or a related field
  • Experience with development under Linux. Shell scripting skills
  • Team player. Act in the interest of the whole team, do what is best for the product and company

Tools and technologies used

  • git, CMake, Artifactory, TeamCity, TravisCI, Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker
  • SDKs and toolchains, mostly gcc-based, from camera vendors
  • Shell scripts
  • Applications are built on 32- and 64-bit Linux VMs

Nice to have

  • Experience in implementing video processing pipelines and real-time computer vision algorithms
  • Experience creating software for embedded systems
  • Experience in hands-on development and troubleshooting on embedded targets
  • Proficient developing projects on resource-constrained, embedded systems
  • Experience with HTTP, REST and Curl
  • Experience with Neon, SSE or similar SIMD instruction set
  • Experience with OpenCV
  • Experience with TensorFlow or other NN training framework

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