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Meet the New Sites Page!

We’re excited to announce the latest refresh of the Sites page. This update brings you new and improved ways to remotely manage your stores in real-time, including: Next-Generation Pathmaps Pathmaps have always been one of our customers’ favorite features. With the latest update, you now have the ability to create Pathmaps on any enabled camera […]

Behind the Lens: Brian Hanson, Partner Program Manager

Recently there’s been a flurry of summer activity and everyone has been even busier than usual. I was lucky to grab one of our vets for a quick sit down. Brian is one of Prism’s early employees, so it was about time I chatted with him about all the impressive work he’s doing managing our […]

Retail Trends: Predictions for 2015 and Beyond

Today’s connected, mobile shopper expects retailers to embrace omnichannel strategies to bridge the gap between offline and online stores. With these shifting rules of retail, solutions like iBeacon are just the start of store innovation. Whether it’s marketing, merchandising, or operations, merchants are changing how they create the best customer experience.Here are the key online, […]

5 Surprising Facts about Mobile and In-Store Shopping

The face of retail is changing rapidly. But sometimes, the exact stats can be surprising. When you’re determining how to make your business more data-driven and omnichannel friendly, make sure to keep these 2015 trends and figures in mind. 1. The average consumer now uses a total of five devices to make an in-store purchase. […]

Three Reasons Why Retail Is Like March Madness

Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Some of the world’s finest college athletes, under the lights of a thousand cameras, battling each other for position, for victory, and for the opportunity to earn billions.*And retailers, the lifeblood of the American economy, pit against one another, battling the latest trends and technologies, trying to present a cohesive brand […]

Prism’s New Analytics Lead to More Insights

We’re excited to announce a suite of new analytics to help retailers better understand how customers experience their stores. We’re offering new dashboards, reports, and visualizations to empower retailers and our partners with the insights they need to fully understand the customer journey, and optimize every store across their enterprise. Understanding the Customer Journey With […]

Prism at the Big Show

The retail event of the year is here again! Start off 2015 by visiting Prism in Booth #2675 at the Big Show. If you’re interested in retail analytics, visual merchandising, or simply better managing your brick-and-mortar business, we’ll be there to show you how. You can also find us in Axis Communications booth #3133, or shoot us […]