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Prism Talks Retail Optimization at

We had a blast at Digital Summit in Philadelphia! It was the perfect time to showcase our new features and catch up with our favorite retailers. David Morin, Prism’s Retail Analytics Expert, had the chance to talk to BloomReach about using web-style analytics for retail optimization at the brick-and-mortar level. Check out the video […]

How We Made Every Person on Market Street Disappear

Every day, thousands of people walk, run, bike, and at times, stumble down Market Street in San Francisco. It’s a busy place and home to our largest mall, countless businesses, and of course, the Prism office.  We wanted to see just how well our privacy protection technology works in extremely high-traffic areas. So, we positioned […]

Announcing Prism 2

It’s a big day for Prism Skylabs. We’re launching an entirely new version of our cloud service, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world. In the past year, we’ve partnered with some of the largest and most innovative retailers to help them better manage their business and optimize their stores. […]

In the News: Former Apple Exec Talks Retail Analytics on Bloomberg TV

Our new SVP of Managed Services, and former Apple exec, Cliff Crosbie, explains how retailers use Prism Skylabs’ technology to better understand in-store customer movement and product interaction. Check out his Bloomberg TV segment here, where Cliff showcases how retail analytics help brick-and-mortar businesses optimize their merchandise.

Feature Focus: Heatmaps

X-Ray vision may be a thing of science fiction, but fortunately for retailers, computer vision is not. Thanks to our rock star engineering team, our customers are able to quickly and easily understand which areas of the store are attracting the most customers, and even which products are picked up the most. Heatmaps are a […]