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Prism’s New Analytics Lead to More Insights

We’re excited to announce a suite of new analytics to help retailers better understand how customers experience their stores. We’re offering new dashboards, reports, and visualizations to empower retailers and our partners with the insights they need to fully understand the customer journey, and optimize every store across their enterprise. Understanding the Customer Journey With […]

A Better Way to Search and Browse Video

What if you could navigate video like a Wikipedia page, jumping to the topics, times, and trends that really interest you? Prism not only makes every minute of your stores’ video privacy-protected and accessible in real-time, we make it simple to navigate with our dynamic Search feature. Prism’s Search functions enable users to find in-store […]

3 Reasons You Should A/B Test Your Stores

Traditionally, Visual Merchandisers and Marketers have relied on intuition to develop merchandising and promotional strategies. But as retailers compete against other stores and websites to win the attention of customers, it is critical to stand out from the competition.  Online retailers have been able to A/B test their sites quickly (and affordably) for years. Physical […]

3 Reasons Retailers Are Counting On Prism

Foot traffic is one of the most important metrics for brick-and-mortar retailers. Knowing exactly how many people are in a store enables retailers to measure customer conversion and optimize staffing.  Retailers have been employing various types of counting technologies for decades, but issues with accuracy, scalability, and even getting access to the data have left many […]

Why iOS 8 is a Huge Privacy Win for Retail

Apple Pay, HealthKit, and third-party keyboards got all the news for iOS 8. And I think everyone is excited about being able to mute group chats (sorry, mom!). But there’s one feature that didn’t get as much coverage as it should have. For retail, specifically, it’s a massive privacy win. iOS8 randomizes the unique ID — known as a […]

Just how busy are you? Ask our Crowd Report.

If you want to create a better customer experience, understanding how many people enter your store is a great start. But without additional context, such as traffic patterns, conversion rates, or even product interaction, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of store performance.  That’s why we’re excited to re-launch Prism’s Crowd Report. It’s the easiest way […]

How We Made Every Person on Market Street Disappear

Every day, thousands of people walk, run, bike, and at times, stumble down Market Street in San Francisco. It’s a busy place and home to our largest mall, countless businesses, and of course, the Prism office.  We wanted to see just how well our privacy protection technology works in extremely high-traffic areas. So, we positioned […]

5 Tech Trends Transforming Retail

When it comes to new technology, things change quickly. Seemingly small innovations can have major impacts. And in retail, there’s new ideas and tools popping up every day. So, what do this year’s tech trends spell for the industry? 1. The Cloud gets personal In 2013, many enterprise businesses still couldn’t really tell you what […]