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Ignite Prism cloud and edge devices not impacted by Log4j CVE-2021-44228 and related vulnerabilities

Our engineering and IT support team has reviewed the Log4j RCE vulnerability, CVE-2021-44228, and the related CVEs that were discovered following disclosure of 44228. Our solution stack does not include Java and therefore we have minimal dependencies on services and applications that make use of it. After an exhaustive review of our codebase, we are […]

Customer behavior and product interaction

Ignite Prism provides powerful and actionable retail insights based on customer behavior and customer product interactions. These valuable tools provide retailers with the visual insights to optimize store layout and better plan for employee staffing, launch instant and real-time a-b testing evaluations for product placement, and evaluate conversion on marketing campaigns.

Smart Entry Kiosk

Ignite Prism is proud to introduce a smart entry kiosk that has been developed by our partner Ic-onic in the United Kingdom. The unit is designed to help manage the volume of guest entries for retail stores based on occupancy count powered by Ignite Prism camera analytics. A simple plug-and-play solution for locations with the […]

Ignite Prism

Newly formed, San Diego based Ignite Prism, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Intellectual Property and technology platform of San Francisco based Prism Skylabs. Prism’s unique camera agnostic Business Intelligence solution is the perfect complement for Igniteble’s ( existing geofence and BLE proximity customer engagement platform. The newly formed company will operate […]