Smart Entry Kiosk

Ignite Prism is proud to introduce a smart entry kiosk that has been developed by our partner Ic-onic in the United Kingdom. The unit is designed to help manage the volume of guest entries for retail stores based on occupancy count powered by Ignite Prism camera analytics. A simple plug-and-play solution for locations with the Ignite Prism footfall service or a same day addition for new locations.

Video Demo

Full Display Control

The Kiosk display is controlled via a powerful cloud-based CMS by Wallboard which allows for a fully customizable screen experience. “Go and Wait” graphics, safety tips and advertisement can be distributed on a location by location basis.

The system can be customized for each store to comply with maximum occupancy and social distance requirements for indoor guests or customers. Please contact us for pilots, pricing, and availability in your area.


download the PDF

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