New Year, New Features, New Pricing

It’s a new year, and with that comes new innovations and trends for retail.

In particular, Forbes is calling 2018 the “year of technology” with more integration of it into mainstream retail. If retailers want to continue bringing in new and repeat customers, they can’t keep doing what they’ve always done — they truly have to stay one step ahead.

Especially in a world where online is king, customers have come to expect bigger selections, quicker turnarounds, and personalized experiences — even in a physical store. To keep up with this, retailers must embrace the latest in technology.

“The trick for retailers will be to focus their technology firepower on creating unique experiences,” advised Susan Reda, Editor of STORES Media, the National Retail Federation’s magazine.

Retail analytics software can be the missing link that bridges the gap between online and offline commerce. At a minimum, this technology can provide data on customer traffic into a store, giving retailers a better understanding of conversion and how customers react to specific promotions and launches. But so much more is possible.

And that’s where Prism comes in.

We’ve been hard at work adding new A.I.-powered features that will empower retailers with even more data and visualizations to take their stores to the next level. In addition to Prism’s popular features such as traffic counting, dwell, occupancy, heatmaps, pathmaps and reporting, we’ve also developed a mobile app — providing access to all of this powerful information even when on the go.

But we didn’t stop there.

To make it easier for businesses to get started, we’ve completely revamped our pricing structure. Now Prism offers even more options at different price points to fit the needs of all types of businesses.

If 2018 is indeed shaping up to be the year of technology as retail experts predict, then there’s no better time than now to get started with Prism.

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