Prism’s 5th Anniversary Field Day

We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary, marking just one of many milestones since our founding in 2011. Earlier this month, we commemorated Prism’s growth and success with a company-wide field day in Golden Gate Park. In our matching team-Prism jerseys, everyone came together for games of Bubble Soccer, Spikeball, volleyball, and other fun outdoor activities, in addition to enjoying some delicious food! We are proud of our accomplishments and the team that has made them possible. We can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store for Prism.

Check out the complete album on Facebook to see more pictures from our fifth anniversary celebration!

Prism All-Stars pose for a group picture.

Marcus shows off his cornhole tossing talents to Brian and Andrew.

Ben and Huu take on Bob and Joe in an intense game of Spikeball.

Intern Andrew slams the winning shot for “Team Ann-drew.”

Vivian and Stephanie bump into each other in the sumo wrestling suits.

Henry accepts a sumo wrestling challenge.

Aaron showcases his excellent volleyball form.

We fueled up for all of these activities with yummy catered food.

The Blue Team organizes in the first match of Bubble Soccer.

The Red Team prepares to sprint for the ball.

The two teams clash…

And then crash!

Spectators watch the hilarious Bubble Soccer match.

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