Announcing: Prism’s New Reports Feature


You asked for more flexible reporting tools, and we listened. The new Reports feature is now live, enabling total customization.

Create any combination set of Sites, Areas, and Metrics to get exactly the data you need — whether you want entry counting, area counting, occupancy metrics, or dwell reports. The parameters are limitless: There are no bounds on region, state, site, or zones that you can select or combine. Additionally, every report can be set up as recurring, with automatic notifications delivered straight to your inbox when a new data series is available.


The new reports are a significant overhaul of how we handle data and how our users can access it. With this release, we’ve launched a more robust, rich data series format for our metrics. You can now immediately get the numbers you’re interested in and download the series as a CSV file — but don’t worry! We’ve also kept our timecards and trend graphs for our users who prefer a visual component with their data. Custom Reports will soon support third-party data integration from POS to loyalty program metrics as well.

Lastly, you’ll be glad to know that we still ensure our customers own and control their data. The new Reports feature comes as part of the advanced analytics package, and there’s no additional per-report or licensing fee. Make as many as you need, and make them as customized as you want.


We’re looking forward to seeing our customers get the insights, metrics, and flexibility they need with Custom Reports. These versatile reports are now live, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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