Drum Roll Please: Introducing the New Prism Insights Mobile App

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Last week Prism had a blast at the NRF BIG Show where we shared our platform with global retailers and exhibited alongside some of the hottest technology providers in the space. The reception was phenomenal, and we had a great time connecting with customers and partners that we don’t get to see everyday.

While at the show, we gave attendees a sneak preview of the latest addition to the Prism lineup: The Insights mobile app, which will be available very soon for iOS and Android devices.

The Insights app brings the power of our web app into a beautiful, easy-to-navigate mobile interface — which means data-driven decision making, anywhere and anytime.

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Interested in seeing how a store location has been performing this week? How does that compare to last week? The Analytics tab within the app brings performance metrics to your fingertips, and allows effortless comparison across your different locations.


Whether you’re checking the rollout of a recent product launch, or simply want to ensure that merchandise is being re-stocked in a timely manner, the ability to see into your stores can be essential to maintaining smooth operations. The Cameras tab within insights provides an immediate view into what’s happening inside your stores, down to each lens.


With the Visual Insights tab, users have immediate access to traffic, heatmap and pathmap visualizations. For managers overseeing an individual store or an entire region, Visual Insights can help to quickly gauge the effectiveness of layout or merchandising changes, and instantly identify opportunities for improvement.

If you’re interested in joining our Beta program and getting a first look at new features and tools like the Insights app, send a note to prismbeta@prism.com.

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