Meet the New Sites Page!

We’re excited to announce the latest refresh of the Sites page. This update brings you new and improved ways to remotely manage your stores in real-time, including:

Next-Generation Pathmaps

Pathmaps have always been one of our customers’ favorite features. With the latest update, you now have the ability to create Pathmaps on any enabled camera view. Visualize directional traffic from anywhere in the store, not just at key entry ways, and better understand the complete customer journey.

Pathmaps IMage

Pinned Insights

We’ve moved every data visualization to one, easy-to-find place: the“Visual Insights” tab. After creating an AOI Heatmap or  custom Pathmap, use the “Pin Image” button to save the analytic to the Visual Insights dashboard. You can quickly scroll week-over-week, and observe changes in customer behavior right from your dashboard.

Sites Pinning for Blog

Count More

The new Counting Zones allow users to count people in more ways than just tripwires! With the introduction of Counting Zones, you can now count the number of people that enter or pass through a certain area (such as a department) and build relevant reports. As an added bonus, you can also tag the tripwires and zones with multiple labels, giving you added flexibility to aggregate and visualize the data. For example, with customized areas you can now monitor traffic in the Men’s department, and all traffic into apparel zones, separately and together.

AOI Zones

Dwell and Occupancy

Using the same robust path-tracking data that powers our tripwire counting and Traffic Maps, Prism now has the ability to measure average dwell time and average occupancy in any given area.  Use these analytics together to compare different areas of the retail store, A/B test layouts & merchandising, and more completely analyze (and improve) the customer experience.

Dwell_Occupancy Image Retail

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