5 Surprising Facts about Mobile and In-Store Shopping

The face of retail is changing rapidly. But sometimes, the exact stats can be surprising. When you’re determining how to make your business more data-driven and omnichannel friendly, make sure to keep these 2015 trends and figures in mind.


1. The average consumer now uses a total of five devices to make an in-store purchase. That’s a big jump from the average 2.8 devices used in 2014. Whether they’re on their mobile, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or in-store kiosk, customers are staying connected.

2. Though every shopper is going mobile, that doesn’t mean stores are falling by the wayside. In fact, even when it comes to reading up on the products they’re interested in, 53% of consumers still prefer to research their buy while in store.

3. 62% of smartphone users report that they would be willing to use their devices to pay in-store. With products like Square, Cash, and Apple Pay, this year could be a perfect opportunity for retailers to streamline their checkout process by enabling mobile payments.

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4. Only 12% of shoppers feel like in-store sales associates are critical touchpoints in their shopping experience. Since fewer customers are relying on retail staff for shopping help, this could be a chance to reallocate staff to maintaining in-store compliance and branding, and enabling mobile checkouts.

5. No matter where shoppers go, peer pressure is present — and a powerful influence on choice. 66% of shoppers read reviews while browsing only, and 36% read them while buying in-store. If your products don’t have a space for customer reviews yet, it might be time to change that or see your sales suffer.

Some changes in retail are intuitive — as millennials take on a larger retail market-share and mobile continues to gain steam, a slow transformation is bound to take place. But every now and then, the truth can be surprising — and that’s when it’s most important to adopt new retail technologies in order to stay competitive.


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