Prism’s New Analytics Lead to More Insights

We’re excited to announce a suite of new analytics to help retailers better understand how customers experience their stores. We’re offering new dashboards, reports, and visualizations to empower retailers and our partners with the insights they need to fully understand the customer journey, and optimize every store across their enterprise.

Prism 2.5 AOI Lolli and Pops

Understanding the Customer Journey

With this release, we’re enabling retailers to A/B test their stores in real time and run on-demand studies of the customer journey. As part of that, we’re launching upgraded pathmaps that highlight customer movement in any area, and surface new metrics around customer flow rate, group size, occupancy, and dwell time.

Prism 2.5 Traffic Pathmap L&P

Optimizing Performance Across Every Store

It’s always been our goal to drive awareness and provide insight throughout the organization. Everyone from the CEO to the store manager benefits from having a better understanding of how customers experience their brand. To that end, we’re launching new dashboards that make it easier for regional and store managers to improve operations, and an upgraded reporting engine that allows executives and business analysts to assess enterprise-wide store performance, customer trends, and the effectiveness of merchandising and marketing campaigns.

Sites Dashboard 2

Scale Simply and In Minutes

As part of this release, we’re launching Prism Pulse, through which we can calibrate our analytics across thousands of stores with the push of a button. Pulse is a breakthrough deep learning technology that enables immediate setup and calibration of analytics, and continuous tuning post deployment. Scaling 1,000 and 10,000-plus site deployments is a big focus for us in 2015, and this tool will help make that possible.

We’re looking forward to a great 2015.


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