Announcing Prism Connect

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of Prism Connect.

For the past three years, we’ve been transforming video cameras into new tools for retail marketing, merchandising and operations. With Prism Connect, we’re opening up our platform to device manufacturers and enabling the creation of entirely new types of visual sensors. 

With Prism Connect, our software runs natively on intelligent visual sensors, and redefines the very nature of what a camera is and can do:


Powerful analytics enable in-depth understanding of movement, interaction, and activity 


Out-of-the-box cloud connectivity allows for quick set up, and infinite storage of analytics and imagery  

More Versatile

Bandwidth reduction and privacy-protection enable broader applications to serve new markets 

More Accessible

Sleek mobile UI to remotely browse, search, and view imagery.

Prism Connect

In recent years, there’s been so much innovation in hardware. We’re excited to add our software and services to new types of devices for retail and beyond. More than 10 companies have already joined the Prism Connect program, including Samsung, Sony Electronics, Intel, Cisco, Axis, Digital Watchdog, Ring, and others, all of whom are able to integrate Prism’s software into their next-generation sensors. 

The first camera Powered by Prism is set to launch later this month via ISD, an award-winning, boutique hardware manufacturer. We’ll have more news on that soon. 

We’re excited to bring a new type of intelligent endpoint into the Internet of Things, and help our partners build the smart, cloud-connected video devices of the future. 


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