Just how busy are you? Ask our Crowd Report.

If you want to create a better customer experience, understanding how many people enter your store is a great start. But without additional context, such as traffic patterns, conversion rates, or even product interaction, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of store performance.  

That’s why we’re excited to re-launch Prism’s Crowd Report. It’s the easiest way to understand crowd size in any area of any store — whether it’s a new sales rack or an entire department. 

crowd counting retail analyticAnd like all our analytics, the data is available on demand and presented as an easy-to-understand visual summary. 

With back-to-school, Halloween, and even Black Friday shoppers already on retailers’ minds, our Crowd Report is a great tool for staffing optimization and ensuring that every store has the resources they need to handle peak traffic at any time. 

Sound interesting? Get in touch to see Crowd Reports in action! 

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