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Strategic partnership: Toolbox Group and Ignite Prism aim to simplify in-store analytics with a new standard

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News Release

São Paulo, Brazil and San Diego, USA – April 14, 2021.
Toolbox Group and Ignite Prism have entered into a long term and strategic partnership aimed at simplifying (digital) in-store analytics for retailers.

The partners’ objective is to further develop a digital industry standard that governs, for example, the exchange and usage of actionable data along the shopper journey. This would harmonize and further automate processes within and between departments of retail organizations – thus achieving elevated insights used to make better choices along the entire shopper journey. Given the strength of both companies’ networks across the CPG industry, the whole Brazilian retail industry stands to gain from this collaboration.

“We need strong partnerships if we are to advance in-store analytics in Brazil. By creating a standard together with Ignite Prism, we are offering added value for both retail and brands,” explains Fernando Dantas, General Manager of Toolbox Group.

“Ignite Prism is very appreciative to be working with Toolbox Group, and we’re excited to provide our Power BI tools as Toolbox Group’ customers explore the Brazilian brick-and-mortar space”, said Fir Geenen, CEO of Ignite Prism. “Over the past several years, the deployment of smart store analytics has grown exponentially and innovative retailers and brands recognize the value associated with deep insights into today’s shoppers’ values, behaviors and preferences. As a result, Retailers are now empowered to develop and continuously analyze world-class shopping experiences for their customers.”

Learn more about the Toolbox Group and schedule an online demo.

About Toolbox Group

The Toolbox Group is a pioneer on customer marketing projects in Brazil and Latin America.
They are experts in generating incremental revenue through Customer Driven Growth Marketing. Since 2005 we develop methods, action plans and analytical tools that help design and prioritize efforts and investments on the four key-moments of interaction between businesses and customers: Business purpose, Experience Journey, Product and Brand Positioning and Sales Performance. They have helped businesses to drive growth across many industries – from FMCG and Pharma to Banking and Fashion –, working with companies like Mondelez, Heineken, C&A, Hershey’s, Jacob Douwe Egberts, Santander and DIA.

About Ignite Prism

Ignite Prism combines cameras and computer vision to transform how the world uses video. They are building the world’s most comprehensive platform of cameras, sensors and machine learning technologies to empower organizations of all types to solve complex problems and identify hidden opportunity.

Parceria estratégica: o Grupo Toolbox e a Ignite Prism trazem solução inovadora de Visual Analytics para ambiente de varejo físico

São Paulo | Brasil e San Diego, EUA – 5 de abril de 2021.
O Grupo Toolbox e a Ignite Prism firmaram uma parceria estratégica com o objetivo de simplificar a análise e gestão dos ambientes de loja com uso de tecnologia. O foco dos parceiros é desenvolver, nas lojas físicas, um padrão da indústria digital que rege, por exemplo, a utilização de todos os pontos de contato com clientes como importantes fontes de dados acionáveis, proporcionando maior eficiência às organizações de varejo através da obtenção de insights e desenvolvimento ágil de planos de ação. Dada a vasta expertise dos parceiros na indústria de FMCG, todo ecossistema do varejo brasileiro tem a ganhar com esta colaboração.

“Precisamos de parcerias fortes se quisermos avançar na análise do ambiente de varejo no Brasil. Ao criar um padrão em conjunto com a Ignite Prism, estamos oferecendo valor agregado tanto para o varejo quanto para as marcas”, explica Fernando Dantas, General Manager do Grupo Toolbox.

“A Ignite Prism tem grande satisfação em trabalhar com o Grupo Toolbox e estamos entusiasmados em fornecer nossas ferramentas de visual analytics para todos os clientes do Grupo Toolbox que exploram o varejo físico brasileiro”, disse Fir Geenen, CEO da Ignite Prism. “Ao longo dos últimos anos, a implementação de análises de lojas no ambiente físico cresceu exponencialmente e varejistas e marcas inovadores reconhecem o valor associado aos profundos insights sobre o comportamento de compra e preferências dos shoppers de hoje. Como resultado, os varejistas têm agora autonomia para desenvolver e analisar continuamente a experiências de compra proporcionada a seus clientes”.

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Sobre o Grupo Toolbox

O Grupo Toolbox é pioneiro em projetos de marketing de varejo para clientes no Brasil e na América Latina. Somos especialistas em gerar receita incremental por meio do Marketing de crescimento orientado ao cliente. Desde 2005 desenvolvemos métodos, planos de ação e ferramentas analíticas que ajudam a desenhar e priorizar esforços e investimentos nos quatro momentos-chave da interação entre empresas e clientes: Objetivo do Negócio, Jornada de Experiência, Posicionamento de Produto e Marca e Desempenho de Vendas. Ajudamos empresas a impulsionar o crescimento em muitos setores – de FMCG e Farma a Banking and Fashion -, trabalhando com empresas como Mondelez, Heineken, C&A, Hershey’s, Jacob Douwe Egberts, Santander e DIA.

Sobre Ignite Prism

Ignite Prism combina câmeras e visão computacional para transformar a forma como o mundo usa o vídeo. Estamos construindo a plataforma mais abrangente do mundo com câmeras, sensores e tecnologias de inteligência artificial para capacitar organizações de todos os tipos a resolver problemas complexos e identificar oportunidades ocultas.

Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

Interface and Video Analytics Company, Ignite Prism, Form Exclusive Partnership

News Release

Interface to become exclusive provider of Ignite Prism’s video analytics platform in North America

Earth City, MO (January 19, 2021) — Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Ignite Prism, a developer of cloud-based business intelligence solutions. As part of this partnership, Interface will have exclusive rights to Ignite Prism’s video analytics technology in North America.

With the Ignite Prism video analytics solution, retailers or any consumer-facing business can use the data gathered by their existing surveillance cameras to derive actionable business intelligence and enhance customer experience. Through intuitive dashboards and robust analytics, the solution enables businesses to monitor policy compliance, refine store design, and improve marketing, merchandising, and operations.

The video analytics solution gives retailers actionable insights into their operations to align resources with customer behavior. The platform analyzes queues, dwell time, and occupancy data for each area and location. Retailers can make informed decisions about product placement, store layout, and analyze the performance and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and promotions.

“With a proven track record of successful implementation for some of the leading retail brands around the world, Ignite Prism’s video analytics solution is a powerful addition and natural extension of Interface’s existing retail solution bundle that includes business security, managed network and UCaaS,” said Michael Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at Interface Security Systems.

“We are excited to partner with Interface, and together, we look forward to helping businesses unlock actionable insights using our innovative platform,” said Fir Geenen, CEO of Ignite Prism. “Our cloud service transforms virtually any video camera into an insightful merchandising, auditing, and business intelligence tool.”

In a related announcement, Interface is pleased to announce the appointment of Will Kelso as Vice President of Business Intelligence Sales. “Our partnership with Ignite Prism is integral to our product evolution and long-term growth plan, and Will is the right person to lead this important initiative,” added Brent Duncan, President and COO at Interface Security Systems. “In his new role, he will be tasked with building a sales team and leading the go-to-market strategy for Interface’s portfolio of Business Intelligence solutions.”

Learn more about the Interface Video Analytics solutions.

About Interface Security Systems

Interface Security Systems is a leading managed services provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises. We improve security, streamline connectivity, optimize operations, and reduce IT costs, maximizing ROI for the nation’s top brands. Learn more and follow us on our blog Making IT Happen and on LinkedIn.

For more information, please contact:

Véronique Froment or Doug Hansel,
+1 603-537-9248

Customer behavior and product interaction

Ignite Prism provides powerful and actionable retail insights based on customer behavior and customer product interactions. These valuable tools provide retailers with the visual insights to optimize store layout and better plan for employee staffing, launch instant and real-time a-b testing evaluations for product placement, and evaluate conversion on marketing campaigns.

Smart Entry Kiosk

Ignite Prism is proud to introduce a smart entry kiosk that has been developed by our partner Ic-onic in the United Kingdom. The unit is designed to help manage the volume of guest entries for retail stores based on occupancy count powered by Ignite Prism camera analytics. A simple plug-and-play solution for locations with the Ignite Prism footfall service or a same day addition for new locations.

Video Demo

Full Display Control

The Kiosk display is controlled via a powerful cloud-based CMS by Wallboard which allows for a fully customizable screen experience. “Go and Wait” graphics, safety tips and advertisement can be distributed on a location by location basis.

The system can be customized for each store to comply with maximum occupancy and social distance requirements for indoor guests or customers. Please contact us for pilots, pricing, and availability in your area.


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Ignite Prism

Newly formed, San Diego based Ignite Prism, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Intellectual Property and technology platform of San Francisco based Prism Skylabs. Prism’s unique camera agnostic Business Intelligence solution is the perfect complement for Igniteble’s ( existing geofence and BLE proximity customer engagement platform. The newly formed company will operate under Ignite Prism, Inc.

While existing Prism partners, customers and users will continue to enjoy the same level of service with the same supporting staff, Ignite Prism has also embarked on the integration of both technology platforms to further strengthen the Business Intelligence data set and to better engage retail shoppers, restaurant guests and large venue visitors.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.